Emmy Mott

Her fight for life

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Emmy earned her angel wings

Our sweet Emmy took her last breath and earned her angel wings at 7:45 PM on December 8, 2012 with her mommy and daddy at her bedside. She was a true warrior and battled very hard for over 41 weeks, longer than the doctor’s expected, rarely making a fuss about her condition. We miss her terribly but have found comfort in knowing that she is no longer suffering and is now resting peacefully in heaven.

Emmy’s Memorial Video:


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The Vigil

Jennifer King
In the quiet of the bitterly cold night, 15 people or maybe more, stood right outside where Emmy was laying. We all braved through it. Some people had brought paper bags and candles for the vigil and lined part of the driveway with their lit candles. The wind blew some candles out while others stayed lit. There were pretty icicle lights on the house that looked like they were dripping.
My daughter Emily had brought a sock monkey to give to Emmy. I knew Emmy probably would never get to see it but I let my daughter Emily give it to her anyways. It meant so much to my child to give and care for another. Before we started praying, my daughter gave Emmy the monkey.
As we prayed, allot of us felt as if Emmy was our child as well. We were fighting back tears while knowing that Emmy would be leaving soon and so so young. Not understanding God’s reasons but loving and caring about her anyways. We prayed for the family because the grieving process is going to take awhile. The anger that they may feel at some point. The ability we have to lift them up in our prayers and supporting them as we can.
Jessie and Jp were by Emmy’s bedside. Seeing Jessie through the window wanting to share his cheese balls with all of us put a smile on all of our faces. People had talked about how Jp and Jessie would understand all of this and how Denny and Tammy would have to maybe keep telling Jp where Emmy was and that would cause them pain to have to say that again and again.
I hold the sights of Emmy’s parents by Emmy’s bedside last night in my heart for the rest of my days. I think I knew something was happening while we were praying. We could see through the window in Denny’s face the expressions of nervousness and wanting to hurry to Emmy’s side. Denny rushed over to her with a wet red towel. He may have been wiping Emmy’s face to help with the fever a bit.

Everyone there last night prayed for healing for the family. Many talked about what if it was your child. None of us could imagine what Denny and Tammy have gone through. I can’t. We sang silent night and Jesus Loves Me. It felt very fitting.
There was a man that came to pray with us from Helping Hands. I think he was a pastor. He had trouble holding back the tears as well. A couple went into the house just after we had finished singing. They went to Emmy’s bedside, held her hand, and kissed her goodbye.
The vigil ended at 7:30 PM. Denny came out to thank all of us for our support through out all of this. Tammy at the end said thank you out the door but was sad and quiet.

Lillian Sanden Glass

Ever since I was directed to Emmy’s Facebook page, I have been in love with Emmy Mott. I started following Emmy’s Journey in March. NEVER has a story about anything or anyone that I personally did not know affected me the way Emmy and her mom Tammy have. I know that God drew me to this page and then to Tammy. God wanted me to know Emmy and all throughout this I still had never met them, I didn’t want to intrude, didn’t want to break down in front of Emmy, I just didn’t know what to do.
When I read the post about Emmy, God again spoke to me to go to her. I decided to not bother Tammy at this time so I looked at her friends on her page and God led me to Kim Morrow. I sent her a friend request and a message that I felt the need to hold a prayer vigil for Emmy. She wrote back that she also felt the same need, she called someone else, and that person had the same thought. God brought us together.
It was amazing to the point that I was crying and shaking at the same time that God led me to just the person I needed with one try. In a few minutes time Kim had set a prayer service up for 6:30pm. We got busy calling and spreading the word to be at the Mott home. I am so thankful for how quickly we were able to pull this together. It was through God that this happened; he was leading all of us. I don’t know how many were there in the dark, between 15 and 20 I would say. A pastor from the Baptist church was there. I was so emotional I don’t remember his name.
It was a chilly night and it had been raining off and on all day. However, when we all got to the Mott’s house, there was no more rain and luminaries were lit. I met people that I have commented with on Emmy and Tammy’s pages, people I met for the first time last night. We could see the family inside with Emmy. Denny Mott came out and thanked us for being there and how much they appreciated it. Jesse opened the door to come out for a few seconds and then he watched us through the window. This must be so confusing for Jesse, he is just turning three and Emmy is not just a big sister, she is his best friend. My heart hurts for him and what he is losing.
The pastor spoke about Emmy and her journey to heaven and we recited the 23rd Psalm. He then prayed and then some of us prayed and spoke of memories with Emmy. We then sang “Silent Night.” I hope it helped those that were there, it was so hard to accept and admit that this was maybe Emmy’s last time here.
Tammy graciously offered that anyone that wanted to go in to see Emmy could go in. So for the first time I was meeting this precious child and her parents. I have felt like I knew them from all of Tammy’s posts and pictures throughout this journey but it doesn’t prepare you. Emmy looked beautiful but so tiny and frail in her bed. I was able to hold her hand and tell her that I loved her. I was able to say in person to her parents how much I loved their daughter and what a profound effect she has been in my life. It was a very emotional time for me. I thank The Lord for pushing me, leading me, and speaking to me.
I left at 7:30pm. Emmy went to The Lord and her Heavenly Home at 7:45pm. I still can’t get over that. God led us there!!!! God was in that room with us, we were in the presence of Our Father and this Precious Child who was receiving her Wings. Fly Precious Emmy, Fly High, sing and laugh with the Angels. Feel the Love and Peace as The Lord holds you in His Arms. We Love You Baby Girl
Diania Kjar Janoski

Saturday night I had the honor of attending a prayer vigil for Emmy Mott. I didn’t know what to expect but I just knew I had to be there. I hadn’t yet met Emmy or her family, but I was one of the many many people that prayed heavily for her.
I can’t explain my drawness to this child. I can’t explain my feelings for her that have become so overpowering for me. Maybe it’s because I have four daughters of my own, maybe its because she is a child, maybe because my own soul needed something. I don’t know but for whatever reason I am forever grateful.
I am also forever grateful for Tammy and Denny allowing me to come into their home and allowing me to meet Emmy. I gave her a kiss, told her I loved her and I held her tiny warm hand.
It was very cold out and the wind had picked up. Some of us couldn’t feel our hands as we held our candles and flashlights. But it didn’t matter. We had to give our pleas to God the Father one more time.
As we were listening to the Pastor, I watched Tammy thru the window tending to Emmys needs. I saw Denny walking around, nervous. I saw little Jesse looking at us thru the window, wanting to offer cheese puffs. He looks like Emmy. I kept wondering what was going thru his little mind.
I couldn’t stop crying. I looked at the cool lights Tammy had on the house. Christmas lights that mimicked icicles. My eyes were so full of water that they looked huge to me.
I am grateful for the new friends I have made thru Emmy. Unbelievable.
If I have learned anything from God THRU Emmy, it’s that my heart has not become cold from cancer and death. I have lost so many of my family to cancer and I had found myself becoming hard. Emmy taught me I still have a heart and I still care, very much.
Thank you Angel Emmy and thank you Motts for allowing me and so many others to be a part of this journey. And as much as it hurts and as much as myself and others have wept and cried out to God, I am thankful for Emmy. Her life and death were not in vain. Thank you Emmy Girl. I pray you knew and know how very very special you are and what you did to so many of us. I love you.

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Something feels different

December 8, 2012

Emmy awoke with another fever yesterday. Between fevers and vomiting, she is exhausted. Last night, she looked a little different to me. I told Denny I didn’t know what it was exactly, but something felt different. She wanted to rock with me in the rocking chair. We rocked for a while and I sang her favorite lullabies to her. After about an hour, she wanted to go back to her bed.
She grew warmer and warmer through the evening. By 3am, I was giving her medications again to reduce her fever. Her oxygen levels and heart rate were good, but she indicated she wanted her oxygen. She remained on her oxygen through the night.
This morning she did not wake. She is currently unresponsive and resting peacefully. I fear she has moved into a comatose state. Her fever is at 105 degrees, but her beautiful little feet are like ice cubes. She has labored breathing. She is not responding to our voices or touch, but I know she hears me. I have been administering additional medications to keep her comfortable. She looks like a peaceful sleeping angel.
I will be praying this part of the journey is peaceful and comfortable for Emmy. I pray she is not afraid. I pray she knows it is ok to go. I pray she knows we will all be ok. I pray she knows it won’t be long until we are all together again. I pray she knows how much we all love her. I pray I told her it enough to get her through until we see each other again. I pray she knows it isn’t good-bye; it is “I love you and I’ll miss you, but I will see you later.”
Thank you to everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers. Please pray that if this is Emmy’s “when” her transition will be free from pain or fear.