Emmy Mott

Her fight for life

Dear Emmy


This page has been created for those who wish to write Emmy a letter. 


7 thoughts on “Dear Emmy

  1. Dear Emmy,

    I hope you rested well today.



  2. Dear Sweet Emmy~

    You are always in our hearts! ❤

    Wendy, Bob, Morgan and Dylan Herrold

  3. Dear Emmy, We are keeping you in our prayers, sending peace and comfort to you and your family. Love to you, sweet beautiful angel…

  4. Dear Emmy, My family saw you and your family at the zoo today! You were having alot of fun! My son Oliver was watching the meerkats play and Ruby I think was trying to dash across while you guys were sneaking some pictures in! It was a great day to be at the zoo. And Im so glad my facebook friends let me be introduced to you! I hope you enjoyed the zoo as much as we did! God Bless!

  5. My Dear Sweet Emmy, I fell in love with you the first time I saw your picture and after I read your facebook page and looked at your pictures, I loved you more. I love the pictures of you and your brother Jesse playing and of you with your kittie. I pray everyday for you. You are in my heart forever sweetheart. God Bless You ❤

  6. Emmy hope you are doing great today. Not a day goes pass that I don’t think and pray for you. You are and increable inspiration to everyone. I too have a little boy who at 4 months old was diagnosed with leukemia. He was only given 10% chance of survival and in currently about to celebrate his first birthday and is 4 months into remission. I believe that praying and lots of scarifies is what help my son pull through. Although I don’t know your I think about you all the time. I also follow your face books pages. I pray the Holy Lord Jesus Christ and saint peregrine will show your love and strength. Xxxxx

  7. Dearest Sweet Emmy,

    I also have an Emily Kathrine, named after my grandma. And you almost look a little like her and my little girl Caroline, who is 8. I have been reading your moms posts and watching your videos. You are an amazing beautiful little lady. We dont know each other but I love you very much. And you have the most amazing family. I hope today is finding you rested, smiling, and happy. I talk to Jesus all the time about you. I hope you know He is right there with you. Your a very special little girl. Love, Diania Janoski

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